Thrive: Acupuncture and Wellness, LLC

Holistic and Integrative Healthcare to find your point of balance in health and wellness so you will THRIVE!



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Acupuncture & Herbology

Chinese medicine utilizes multiple modalities, including acupuncture and herbs, to optimize your health and increase your vitality.  Focusing on preventative medicine along with treating the root of imbalance, as well as any symptoms you may experience.

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Therapy is a collaborative process that provides an opportunity to openly explore thoughts and feelings.  Recognizing your unique history & life experiences, therapy offers you the opportunity to see yourself, your relationships and the world in a different way.


Holistic Health Consultations

Integrative medicine to heal your body, mind, and heart from within. Consultations can focus on any health goals you want to meet.  Your history and any health information will be integrated to develop goals as well as a plan.  This will include concrete actions you will take, along with nutritional, herbal, and supplement recommendations.